martedì 12 giugno 2012

bag for carpentiere

i had to make a bag for a carpentiere, a man who works hard and welds steeel.

new purse

new purse, for maria antonietta...
A M in case you haven't noticed...

paper model

carving it

more carving


little stamp goes a long way
almost done

add colour

with the rest

paper models on leather

you can vaguely see the lines traced, look carefully

headknife for cutting out the parts
all put together to get a feeling of the finished project

wet it and do the edge crease

leather is a natural substance, don't expect something regular


with colour

on outside of wallet


domenica 10 giugno 2012


i am making a belt for parma's powerlifting team! great athletes!!

beautiful thick leather

the tools needed for the job

some straps are cut

add the logo on paper


powerful design

stitching begins

stitching continues
and continues
and continues....

a new bag, more like a backpack...

i got this nice piece of leather, perfect for this bag...
cutting out

more pieces

logo, you have to know who made this

back and front stitched together on one side, double stitching

detail of double stitching

handle and shoulder straps

nice colour

stitching on the base, inside out